Thursday, April 21, 2011

Painful Awareness

Ok, so I have been made painfully aware that I have not posted in a LONG time! I will not name any names!  I really can not explain it but I have just lost my mojo.  We have really had some busy times too.  Wyatt had his tendon surgery and we looked at that surgery as one step closer to walking only to have it blow up in our face.  After the 6 weeks of a cast and it was removed, with in 24 hours his little leg was so swollen.  Requiring an emergency trip back to the Orthopedic surgeon during a tornado that devastated a town 10 miles away, an x-ray was taken that also like a tornado devastated my world.  Osteoporosis so bad that it could possibly be hiding a small fracture.  So back in a cast we went.  I know that I should have been looking on the bright side of things and I usually do but when you hear those words about your 2 year old precious angel that wants to play ball with his big sister so badly, it was like a kick in the gut.  So now 2 more weeks of a cast and all I can help feel is this is a delay of our walking.  We have also joined the cathing world and it is a big adjustment but I think I can already see that we will be successful with it.  That is all I really want to say about that right now because I am still trying to wrap my mind around this reality of ours.  So funny that only 2 short years ago I was standing in the NICU saying, I guess bargaining with God, saying that if all we have to do is cath, then I can live with that but I can't live with out my sweet man, so please God let him live.  And LIVE he has, not one day he doesn't smile, laugh and love.  He loves big too, like he LOVES big trucks, police cars (or he says po-po), and school buses, he loves his tag (blanket), he loves baseball and thought he was going to explode when his favorite aunt took him ON THE FIELD after his big sister's game.  I SO want to love like him too.  Love BIG, live life that way too and all the rest in the middle just will fall in place as God has designed.  As a family, we will go to Louisville, Kentucky next weekend for a Spina Bifida conference.  We are so excited!  I can not wait to get to sit in a room full of moms, dads, brothers and sisters and kiddos that are kicking Spina Bifida's butt!  A room full of people that just get it!  So hopefully I will update after our trip! So long!  Love Big Today!

I just love my Big Sister!

We miss these days!  No playing in the sink with a cast on!