Monday, August 1, 2011


Heroes come in many forms.  Cartoons, men, women, military.  MONDAY this became my family's hero


This is Brandi, my 9 year old daughter's Mountain Cur.  She gave her life Monday afternoon to save ours.  At approximately 7:15 pm a man entered our back yard.  I believe he was attempting to enter our home from our back entrance because the fence blocks the views from all streets.  Brandi defended our home to her best ability and unfortunately this criminal took her life.  About 7:25, I drove home, with my son.  I believe I probably scared him away when I drove up.  I noticed nothing wrong at the time and I took Wyatt in the house and put him in his highchair while I went back to the car to get his food.  When I got in my carport, I noticed something was strange about the dogs.  My other Mountain Cur was trying to help Brandi or get my attention to let me know something was wrong.  When I saw her laying there I knew something horrible was happening.  She did pass soon after.  As time has passed, I know in my heart that man would have been in my home when Wyatt and I got home if Brandi had not defended our home.  Had she not given her life, I feel certain that Wyatt and I would have been hurt.  My heart hurts that she is gone but so grateful that she protected us.  As a family we are hurting right now and Bella is devastated that her dog is gone.  She will be missed and truly thought of as a hero forever.