Monday, May 16, 2011


Heros come in many forms.  Cartoons, men, women, military.  MONDAY this became my family's hero


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Ah-Ha! moment

This weekend we had some amazing experiences.  We made new friends and I even got to meet and hang out with a mom I met on facebook that was able to bring her great family to the Spina Bifida conference.  The skatepark was amazing and Wheelz was even better!  It was so great to see him personally try to inspire these precious kids.  As a mother, all I can pray for is that one day Wyatt will be thankful that he was born with spina bifida, that he will know that God designed him specifically to be special and to find a blessing in that.  Aaron "Wheelz" has certainly found his blessing and is showing kids that nothing is impossible, even a 10 foot drop-in ramp at a skatepark when you are in a wheelchair. I mean, REALLY, what CAN'T you accomplish after you have done a backflip in a wheelchair!  Wyatt is still saying, "I gonna do a fip!"  I can already envision the bumps and bruises!  The conference speakers were great and it was not necessarily things we had not heard but maybe in different ways.  I realized that we all encounter some pretty scary things as parents of these children but it is so worth the journey.  During this LONG trip to Kentucky, I remember thinking to myself if it was worth going all this way for a 1-day conference.  While we were there and Wyatt was at his Kid's Camp, I realized Wyatt was in a room full of children and he wasn't the only one crawling, he wasn't the only one taking meds, he wasn't the only one that needed braces for the paralysis in his legs and feet.  Usually he is the minority at home, the daycare or church but NOT HERE.  Kids of all ability playing together, supporting each other but MOST importantly, just being KIDS!  Was it worth it?  HECK YES! For even that one day for Wyatt to feel like he is part of a group was amazing and that was my AH-HA moment! More pictures will be coming but Jim has the camera right now to document Isabella's first home that we still have.  The Cabin.  The Mississippi River is flooding and we will likely lose it to the flood so we are taking pictures for insurance purposes but also for memories because this place will always be special to Bella and it hurts her to think it may be gone soon (us too!)  I will post more pics later!
A HUGE thanks to Colleen for putting on the SBAK conference.  I know it was hard work, but SO worth it for us!