Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birth Stories

My first born, Bella!  We were so surprised by this pregnancy.  A few months before Jim and I married, I began having pain daily in my low abdomen.  Being too busy planning a wedding, I put off going to the doctor until after the wedding.  I will never forget that day.  Jim was not there.  When my OB/GYN suggested an ultrasound, it scared me and I called Jim.  He was literally there is 5 minutes.  So after the ultrasound he said he needed to talk to us in his office.  I think Jim and I both knew this was not a good sign.  He said I had multiple issues that were going to make becoming pregnant, if at all possible, very difficult and most certainly require fertility intervention which were often times unsuccessful.  We were devastated. NO children! My heart was broken.  Life goes on.  So we did too!  We decided to move to the country since we were newlyweds and had no kids then that would be so fun!  About 7 months after we married, we moved into Jim's cabin.  I just could not get over the move.  I was really tired, playing tennis almost every night so I just thought I was exhausted!  So some time went by and I decided to "Trick" Jim and get a pregnancy test.  I came in and made it really dramatic! "Yeah I REALLY think I'm pregnant" HA HA(I'm thinking)  Well joke was on me because it was POSITIVE!  Excitement was not the word!  We were so happy and I knew that ISABELLA had to be her name!  Took a little heat from that because it was not a popular name then.  It fits her perfectly.  We had her and she was also the only grandchild.  I may add she was spoiled to pieces. She has such a sweet heart and really cares about her friends and family.  She gets her feelings hurt easy because she wears them on her sleeve.  She has been a wonderful child and we have been blessed to be her parents.  She is a great big sister and honestly I can say that I do not know if Jim and I would have made it through all this without her help.

There is a story to be told in between but that story will have it's own day because it is a story of grieving and that is not for today.

Now to Wyatt's story!  We had wanted another baby for so long.  After the loss, we just could not bear to lose again so we waited a while.  God taught us a lot during that waiting game.  So I will never forget the day I found out that we were blessed again.  A Friday, so many disappointed times before, but not this one! POSITIVE!! Jim and I were so excited! We had been doing everything right for so long.  I had been eating better, losing weight and taking prenatal vitamins and finally! Pregnant!  We did not want to tell anyone because of what happened before. So secrets became fun between Jim and me.  We traveled to Canada in July for my brother's wedding and the day after we came home I had an appointment.  Another ultrasound, my ob was doing them every 2 weeks to be cautious.  The baby looked great!  Growing bigger, strong heartbeat!  We could no longer keep any secrets, so we spilled the  beans!  My next appointment was about 3 weeks later and they did my routine prenatal labs.  This brings us to the next week.  On a Friday of course I was making rounds seeing patients and my cellphone rang.  My OB says your labs are back and a little abnormal.  Now I do not want you to panic because the chance is like 1 in 300 but I just want you to see my friend that is a perinatologist.  The moment I got off the phone I casually went to my clinic and told the doctor I worked with.  He said well I am sure it is a false positive as most are!  I said I am sure you are right!  We went on September 9th 2008 to see Dr. Kenneth Perry.  In the waiting room I got the answer I was looking for, I felt the first kick! I just knew everything was going to be fine because that was God's way of telling me!  After an ultrasound for about 1 1/2 hours, Dr. Perry became quiet.  The silence was killing me so I prayed for God to take this off my mind.  The verse He gave me was the 23rd Psalm, particularly, "Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil for you are with me".  At that moment, I knew my baby would have Spina Bifida but I also knew that God was in control and we would be okay. So that kick in the lobby was a sign, that baby was telling me "Mommy, I am special and I am a fighter!"  The next thing the doctor said was that the choice to terminate was there.  It was IMMEDIATELY rejected, and the doctor agreed.  He was so supportive and was the BEST physician for telling parents they are having a special baby.  It was our 8th anniversary!  Such a hard day.  We did go through with the amnio that day.  Not as bad as I had thought!  The weeks to come we would find that he had a heart defect that through prayer and a miracle from God once again, healed itself!  For so long it was hard to be happy about being pregnant.  When you have experienced a loss you find it hard to be happy until you know things are going to be okay.  Just when that time came for us, we found out about spina bifida.  I think the first thing I bought was socks because I could easily part from them if we lost him.  Pregnancy was hard! On New Year's Eve he decided he had waited long enough and at a non-stress test they found me to be in labor 8 weeks early.  I was transferred to UMC in Jackson,MS and they were able to hold off delivery until January 2nd, 2009.  I got to see him for about 3 seconds before they whisked him off to assess him.  He was perfect! That is the only word I can find.  Our world has been a roller coaster since that very moment but what a ride!  I can not imagine our life without Wyatt (which means "warrior", Bella picked it out).  His life has already touched and blessed so many others.  I am a better person because I am his mama. 
So to my two beautiful children, I LOVE YOU BOTH AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Night time

Last night as Wyatt and I enjoyed our nightly ritual of rocking together until he falls asleep, I was reminded of times when I had my first child, Bella.  She will be nine in 2 weeks.  I remember laying in bed and watching her all night sometimes. Initially it started from a fear of her stopping breathing.  When she was a baby, we lived far into the woods.  The moonlight would do so much there because it had so many filters with all the trees.  I would watch Bella as the moonlight would come through the window and how it would cast light onto her face.  I remember thinking how amazing it was to be her mother and how beautiful she was even with just moonlight on her face.  Now I find myself holding Wyatt and rocking him at night.  I LOVE this boy's feet!  They are so soft and sweet.  My husband and I both have a habit of massaging and stretching his feet while he sleeps so the paralysis doesn't tighten his feet.  I guess some would say his feet are imperfect from the spina bifida.  I do not! Those are the feet that God blessed us with in so many ways.  I am so thankful for my children and the lessons I learn from them daily.  We are quickly approaching Wyatt and Bella's birthday so I guess that is why I am so sappy! HA I think it is about time for birth stories!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas time

Well I know it has been a while again.  We have once again had a few crazy weeks.  My best friend moved away last week and although she is still in Mississippi, the loss of her constant support and presence in my life leaves me feeling really sad in ways I can not explain!  It has really been hard to focus on this being holiday time!  The kids can help snap me out of that! Surprisingly, Wyatt LOVES Santa!  I mean what 23 month old will fight and cry to go up to him and touch him?  Most are screaming to get away, NOT Wyatt!  He wants to touch every single one of them he sees!  Now this is the same child that at the beginning of December thought Santa was my Grandmother that passed away when he was about 13 days old and still in the NICU.  We have always told him who she was and shown him pictures! So he would see Santa and say "MAMAW"!  So funny!  Bella is really excited to be out of school and to get to spend some time with her brother and her aunt and Nan!  It has been really busy but slowing down enough now for us to stop and really cherish the reason for Christmas! JESUS!  And we are so thankful!

Wyatt and Bella with Santa at Bass Pro Shop, December 2010

Spina Bifida Kids: Another talent to share!!

Spina Bifida Kids: Another talent to share!!: "Let me introduce you to Jennifer!! Jennifer has 2 little ones and still has time to make some beautiful things!! Amazing TUTUs and HairC..."

Wyatt does wear leg warmers because of his poor circulation. Especially this time of year they keep his tootsies warm!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lovin on the cat!

I think the cat thought if he just played dead that Wyatt would go away! NOT HAPPENING!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

BIG scare!

Ok, so I know it has been a really long time.  I do not know why but sometimes I think if I just ignore it, we may have some spina bifida-free days.  You know, days where it doesn't rule your world, days where you think life is just life.  Well that came to a sudden halt on Monday morning.  As Jim was dressing Wyatt, he put a shirt on him and suddenly Wyatt started screaming and grabbing the right side of his neck.  Of course this is his shunt side.  So when he continued to scream I ran Bella to school and then called Jim.  Wyatt was still screaming. Soooo, thinking hopefully it was a raging ear infection (and ignoring the little bit of swelling that had developed around the tubing of the shunt on his neck) we took him to our pediatrician.  Well after careful examination of his ears, throat and chest, he told us it was all normal.  That punch in the gut feeling came quickly because we knew we were dealing with a shunt issue.  Our pediatrician quickly called our neurosurgeon and we headed to UMC for the PEDS ER.  It was a long ride but Jim and I did learn from our last ER visit.  We headed home real quick to pack us some clothes because after being admitted last time, we had NOTHING for us, no deodorant, no underclothes, no hair brush!  So we could not get Wyatt in the car seat because by now his head and neck hurt so bad he could not even lift it without screaming in pain.  So after a few hours in the ER, multiple xrays, CT scan of his head and 2 failed IV attempts, we were told that his shunt was functioning properly, had no breaks in the tubing and the swelling was coming from scar tissue that had attached itself to the tubing of his shunt and with a growth spurt ripped away from his neck! No harm! Other than pain and swelling!  So while we were there a (very young) neurosurgeon resident that looked like he may have been there for all of 20 minutes managed to say a few things that ticked me off!  First he made mention of Wyatt being overweight.  Yes 1 year ago he was, but he has only gained 2 pounds in one year and exercises circles around anyone I know!  Then he said it! Well "If he is even able to walk, the weight will make it more difficult".  Now it must have been only from sheer exhaustion that I did not proceed to get up and wrap his stethoscope in a TIGHT but cute fashion around his neck!  I said that yes he will walk and is working hard on it daily with therapy.  I should have reminded him of the miracles he has already experienced! And if he doesn't walk we will love him just the same.  These stupid children in medical school that have only the book as their experience.  I should have told him about the prayer warriors we have on our side and that we do not accept ANYTHING just because that is what the book says! So yes, we had a big scare but thankfully we got to come home! PACKED ALL THAT STUFF! HA HA  He is already feeling better and the swelling is better.  So I guess it is back to our reality of Life!  It is a great life and my son is my hero!

Peds ER at UMC

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just like all the other kids!

I have started to write this blog several times and could not do it.  But now I try one more time!  Friday was Wyatt's Halloween party at the daycare.  I picked up Bella from school and we went to the daycare together.  I figured the party would be in his classroom but as I drove up, I saw them setting things up outside.  In my mind I thought "Great" another party of having to hold him the whole time and he will not have any fun.  Then I quickly remembered having his stander in the car with us and with the parking lot empty for the party, he would have plenty of room to roam.  So I got his "bicycle" out as we call it and when I walked in his room with his AFO's "RU-RU" boots, he eagerly wanted them on.  One sweet little girl "helped" Wyatt get his boots on and kept saying "I love your boots, Wyatt."  So I put Wyatt in his stander in the daycare office so I could have more room.  All this while I am just going through the motions and thinking nothing of this until I opened the doors to the outside and Wyatt wheeled around to get out.  Emotions flooded my mind.  Would people stare? Would Wyatt run over anyone?  Would people feel sorry for him?  I am glad that it was sunny outside and I could wear my sunglasses because I started tearing up as I watched him.  I teared up as I realized watching him wheel as fast as he could and play and feel the breeze in his hair as he probably has never felt before, that Wyatt was not wondering any of those things.  He was just being Wyatt and having fun in his own way like all the rest of the kids.  So many people gave him compliments on how great he was doing and Wyatt was so proud.  His big sister Bella was pretty proud of him too!  I learned something from him that day that I hope to carry forward with me forever, No matter what, we WILL feel the breeze in our hair!  We WILL do it in our own time and that is okay with us!  The party was a hit.  He ate cookies and candy!  He played basketball and even golf.  Oh yeah, he also got to see Elmo or Melmo as he calls him.  Was not afraid, either! I will post some pictures.  Saturday we went to horse therapy and he could not wait for me to even get down to the stall, he wanted on that horse.  SO, he now is riding solo again.  Ms. Bonnie laughed this weekend and said, "I don't know if it is helping him walk but it sure helps him talk!"  He talks non-stop while we are at the barn.  He just loves it there.  After riding we went to my sister's house to visit with family.  We had a good time together and did some Trick or Treating.  It was a busy weekend but it was nice and we all had a great time!

Face Painting!

Aftermath of face painting!

Looking at my shadow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Simple Life

Oh how I wish our life was simple! It seems lately that we are at the peak of chaos daily and I am started to feel like I can not keep up!  I decided several months ago that Wyatt would LOVE the zoo! So I began planning a family trip to the zoo in Memphis.  Even simple things take a lot of planning for us so after months of planning the weekend was finally here!  We left on Friday when I got off work with me, Jim, Wyatt, Bella, my sister, my mom and my dad.  We decided it would have to be a 2 day event, otherwise it would be too much on Wyatt.  I stressed a lot.  I worried he would not like it, he would get too hot or be too cranky.  It was perfect! He loved the animals and it was so fun for us to see the joy in his face.  Joy just like all the other kids!  A day where spina bifida was not in the spotlight.  A day where no one knew that spina bifida existed! It was fun for all of us.  After a long day we arrived home to Wyatt's new stander! YAH!!! I could not wait to put him in it but in my mind had told myself to not get excited, he probably would not like it and take some getting used to.  We took it under the carport and he LOVED it!  He had so much fun in it and we all hooped and hollered like crazy people! He just makes us so proud.  I will post some pictures and will try to post a video of him playing in his new "bicycle".

The zoo was beautiful! So is Bella!

Wyatt loved the sea lion show.

Where did they go?

For some reason wanted this hat so bad!

My bicycle!

My big sister is so proud of me!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spina Bifida Worldwide day of prayer

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month, and we SB moms have on our minds, more than anything, the precious unborn babies who are so often terminated before they even have a chance to prove their lives have meaning and value to the world. To say that 50% of all Spina Bifida affected pregnancies are terminated is a conservative estimate. But we SB moms know there is no reason to terminate a baby because of SB. Our children are beautiful and intelligent gifts from God who have every opportunity to live full, productive, and totally normal yet extraordinary lives.

So we proclaim Wednesday, October 20 as the Spina Bifida Kids Worldwide Day of Prayer. We believe in the power of prayer, and we are excited at the prospect of many people praying at the same time for these unborn babies. We moms can make a difference individually and collectively, but that is nothing compared to the change that can come if we have God on our side.

We will begin at noon EST. Pray for as long as you feel led. Pray individually or with another person or group. On your knees, at your desk, while driving your car … the logistics do not matter.

Here are a few things you can pray about specifically:
1. There is one woman in particular who is on our hearts. God knows who she is. She is expecting a child with Spina Bifida, and she is afraid and considering termination. Today (Wednesday) is her appointment with a pediatric neurosurgeon to find out the severity of her baby’s case and to learn more about the diagnosis. Please pray that she will go to this appointment with an open heart and mind, that the doctor will give her a prognosis that is realistic and hopeful (we believe these adjectives are not mutually exclusive when talking about SB), and that most of all, God will give this woman a peace beyond understanding and a clear indication that she should keep her baby or give it up for adoption. There are many mothers willing to adopt this baby.

2. Obstetricians are usually the doctors who first diagnose Spina Bifida based on a prenatal ultrasound. Unfortunately, most know very little about SB except for what to look for on the ultrasound. Many of us were told by our OBs very scary and inaccurate information, such as “Your baby will likely not survive,” “She will be a vegetable,” “Terminating is the most loving thing you can do for this baby.” If this is the first time you’ve really even heard of SB, and a doctor you trust tells you this, you’re probably going to believe it. Please pray that these doctors will be educated about the SB prognosis so that they can give the diagnosis accurately and compassionately.

3. We SB moms will always remember the day we received the diagnosis as one of the most terrifying days of our lives. An initial grief response is denial, which often presents as “Please make this problem go away.” Termination is offered quickly. Please pray for these mothers and fathers, that they will first and foremost trust God to get them through this scary and uncertain time instead of letting fear guide their decisions. That God will draw near to them and make His presence known, as He did for so many of us. That these parents will be so filled with His peace about the future and love for their child that they will consider carrying the baby to term the easiest choice.

4. These precious babies are absolutely innocent and helpless. They are being thrown away because they are not “perfect.” Not one of us is perfect. Please pray for the lives of these babies to be spared. That each movement and kick will remind the mother that God knit that baby in her womb exactly as he or she should be. That their lives will bring glory to our Father.

5. Many of us SB parents cite the support of our family members and friends as the biggest comfort during the time right after receiving the diagnosis. But there are also families and friends who are unsupportive and even encouraging of termination. Please pray for these family members and friends, that God will use them to minister healing to the parents’ breaking hearts. That they will be wholly supportive, not hurtful, and they will lift up and help these parents as their raise their child.

Feel free to add other suggestions for what we should pray. And please pass this on to friends, family, church prayer groups, prayer warriors, pastors, and strangers.

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:19-20 (NIV)

Last night

Ok, I have a few minutes so I will update about last night!  SO, we were at the barn for Wyatt's therapy and after we got done with him, Ms. Bonnie was going to let Bella ride since she missed so much last week.  We had Rocket at the saddle rack and in the cross ties.  Bella had put her saddle on and kept having trouble getting her bridle on. The halter had one tie down on and the halter was latched around her neck.  Rocket panicked and started sliding backwards, rared up, fell onto her back legs, flipped over and hit her head all the way down the brick wall.  I was so proud of Bella.  She did not panic, when Rocket started she just dropped back and left her alone and got out of the way.  Well, Rocket has a pretty significant head injury.  She required sutures to her head and also had a small skull fracture.  Luckily, our vet was already on his way out there and when Ms. Bonnie called him he was just a few minutes away.  We stayed with her a while last night and of course Bella did not want to leave her.  She cried at the fact the her horse could be standing in her stall alone and in pain.  She has the sweetest heart.  Ms.  Bonnie checked on her in the night and called Bella first thing this morning and told her that Rocket was sore but eating and doing good.  We are so relieved because I do not know what Bella would do without Rocket.  We think that being tied down and not being able to turn her head and see all of her surroundings is what scared her.  For a horse that is deaf, I guess it can be scary when someone limits the only sense you have left.  So we will be saddling her up in the hallway from now own once she has some time to heal.  Intense night!

New pictures!

Bubbles make me happy!

At the UMC NICU reunion, I got to bowl!

My SWEET sister, Bella!

My own personal jumpy thing just like the other kids!

Sav A Life walk a thon in honor of Wyatt

It was a lot of fun!

I LOVE this picture!

My little cowboy!

Been a few days!

So it feels like forever that I have gotten on this blog! To say last week was busy would be an understatement! My poor Bella was sick all week long.  A child that is never sick to have to go to the doctor THREE times in one week is a lot!  Happy to say she is much better now.  Wyatt got his new braces and they fit wonderful! Still slip a little but so much better than what he had before.  Of course we got horse straps on them so they are now his RU-RU boots and he even asked to put them on once! Big accomplishment!  So at Methodist Rehab they put them on him and he got in the floor.  What did this kid do? STOOD straight up!!! He was so proud of himself.  He wants to stand so bad and he finally is getting his chance.  I have to say I was fighting back tears as I watched him and even now as I type because I refuse to take even one thing for granted, even getting to stand up at a chair all by himself with his feet lined up like they should be!  Some may say that is not a big deal and maybe to them it is not.  But for ME, a mom whose child was diagnosed with spina bifida at 18 weeks and told he may die, he may be a vegetable and may never move his legs; a child that SO many babies lives are ended before they begin because the diagnosis and unknown are too much to handle, it was a HUGE deal for me and Wyatt.  I can not say enough how brave and strong he is.  Can you imagine trying to stand when you can not even feel that you have legs?  Can you imagine how scary the loss of security of knowing your legs are gonna catch you when you fall?  He looks fear in the eyes daily and I can only aspire to be as brave as he!  I LOVE my kids! We had a great weekend with a work day at the barn.  I will have to thank my parents again for helping me with Wyatt because he could not stay out there but they took him so I could.  Saturday Bella was FINALLY feeling good enough to go out there and had fun!  I will post later about what happened at the barn last night but everthing is fine now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy Weekend

So we really had a great weekend with family, Octoberfest was HOT! We did not last long!  It was fun to see Patti, Richie and Riley! She is getting so big and has the sweetest personality! Riding DID NOT go well.  Saturday, Wyatt screamed so bad when we tried to put him on.  He started crying and Ms. Bonnie just couldn't put him on.  We went back out Sunday morning and I had to start riding again but he rode 17 minutes with no crying!  HUGE accomplishment.  So looks like I am back to riding with him for a while but if that is what it takes then I would ride that horse to the end of the earth!  Oh Yeah! Looks like I have acquired another horse! Rabi! Rocket's colt that is 5 years old.  He had pretty much just been thrown away.  No one would work with him or let him out of the stall.  Until this last week, that horse had pretty much been in that stall for several years! SO of course he started tugging at my heart strings, cause I'm a sucker for the underdog!  That is just how we live! Give us the challenge, the ones that are just given up on and we will make him a champion! He is rough around the edges but we are gonna make him free one day, free from that stall, free from his fears! I already love him!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a day!

So besides yesterday being therapy, Wyatt's braces have still not been made.  The company is backed up so Darby asked them to put a rush order on them.  We will hopefully get them in the beginning of next week.  Also, Medicaid denied Wyatt's stander!  They said that they needed to know that he was not going to take it to SCHOOL and leave it! SERIOUSLY! He is 21 months old! The girl helping me at the DME replied quickly to the response and sent it back so hopefully they will not take the full 3 days to approve it.  So now that brings us to therapy.  We used the RU-RU stand-in Fury.  She does wonderful but Wyatt was in a terrible mood and whined almost the whole time.  We did get our 15 minutes in but it was rough.  He just seemed like he didn't feel good so now I am just keeping a check on anything funny going on! Hopefully Thursday will be much better!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Crazy Week Last Week!

Ok, so last week was really crazy between fundraising, getting the tshirts done and therapy! So we used another horse again on Thursday and Wyatt really did not feel comfortable again.  He wanted his RU-RU! We made it through though.  So Saturday morning was the Sav-A-Life walk a thon.  We walked in honor of Wyatt and it was a great morning! I am so thankful that my family and I participated.  He is such an inspiration! Our t-shirts were awesome too!  So after walking, we went to the barn for therapy.  We used a RU-RU look-a-like! It worked like a charm! Finally Wyatt was comfortable and back in his rhythm.  We had a great day at the barn and Bella rode really well. She just loves Rocket.  We also got her sign up on Rocket's door.  It was a nice relaxing time out there.  Other highlights of the weekend were that I found Wyatt a picnic table and a play school bus at a garage sale and he was LOVING it!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rough day at therapy

Yesterday at therapy, Jim and Ms. Bonnie got started before I got there.  So apparently Joe Rudy got kicked in the side a couple of weeks ago and is tender on his side which is why he nudged me forward that day.  Well, yesterday the way Ms. Bonnie was holding Wyatt with her arm in RU-RU's flank aggravated that area and he NUDGED again with Wyatt on him.  I think it scared Jim and Ms. Bonnie more than Wyatt and they both grabbed at him really quick and scared him bad!  So we had to start using another horse until Joe Rudy heals.  Wyatt was more upset by not being on him more than anything.  So hopefully we will have better days once we are back to our routine, but until then, we will push on!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Boy!

Ok, so we went to therapy Saturday and the weather outside was great! Ms. Bonnie said, "Let's see something".  She then put Wyatt on the horse all BY HIMSELF!  He reached down to get monkey and away he went! Never batted his eyes once! He loved it and made the whole 15 minute session alone. I was so surprised and proud.  He is FEARLESS! Also I should mention that his love of school buses is becoming an obsession! Had to wait at home this morning until the school bus came to get the neighbor's kids!

Friday, September 24, 2010



Goats, Goats, Goats

So last night Wyatt had therapy again.  It is funny how his familiarity with the barn has happened so quickly. Like, he knows before he leaves the barn every night, he will be able to gaze at the moon.  He also knows that he will get to see Bandit, the goat.  He LOVES the goat and Ms. Bonnie had a treat for him last night.  After a great riding session with all there watching, Ms. Bonnie came out into the barn with the goat and some chips.  Wyatt got to feed the goat by himself.  He was in heaven! So was I, watching him, his face light up and respond so well to that goat, made my day!  So another great night at the barn!  Leaving out Wyatt found the moon once again.   He stares at that moon like he could just grab it out of the sky.  I want for Wyatt to know he can, he can reach up into the sky and make his dreams happen.  Nothing is out of reach for him, if we just want it and have faith that God will continue to provide for us like he has so many times before. So son, you keep finding that moon and reach for it! Mommy will be here to help you reach it every step of the way! The Barn of Dreams!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 6 of therapy

Ok so last night at therapy, Wyatt got mad because I got on Joe Rudy first! Threw a fit, screaming ride, ride, ride! So I guess that is a pretty good indicator that he is hooked! We are so happy.  After therapy before he got off Joe Rudy, I got him to do some exercises with his legs, like squeezing them in and lifting up.  He did it! It was hard work to do it but he did! I think we are on to something!  Today is a huge day for him, he will get fitted for new braces! Yah! We needed this for a long time and he has regular therapy today.  Hopefully they will fit him for his stander! BIG day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So Sweet!

Last night Wyatt kept holding Jim's cellphone saying RU-RU, RU-RU! That is his therapy horse.  We finally realized he wanted to see a picture of him, so Jim opened up his pictures and showed him the picture I posted yesterday.  He grabbed the phone, hugged it, kissed it and said AWE, RU-RU! How sweet! He is my sweet little man that loves BIG!

Monday, September 20, 2010


I am so excited! We finally got Wyatt's orders for his new AFO's and a stander signed by his orthopedic surgeon! So happy! I can not wait for him to become more mobile. Did I really just say that?!! HA


How pathetic I am! Ha I've had this blog for months and I NEVER post! Life has just taken me down roads that has taken our time so I have been terrible to keep up with this. At the great suggestion of my sister, I am going to give this blog thing another try! Wyatt officially started horse therapy on September 9th, 2010. Funny day because not only is it mine and Jim's 10 year wedding anniversary BUT it was the day 2 years ago that we found out for sure that our precious child would be born with spina bifida. So I am going to catch up for the past two weeks of therapy. Day one- AWEFUL! He rode only 2 minutes and hated every minute of it! Day 2 was Saturday September 11th, he rode for about 10 minutes and he did not scream the whole time. Day 3 was September 14th, he rode for 20 minutes!!! Loved every minute of it and LOVES the barn AND Ms. Bonnie! Doesn't want me when we are there, he wants her, ONLY! September 16th marked day 4 and it was so hot in the barn that we went outside for therapy. He didn't like it outside as much as in the barn but we made it 15 minutes, which was our goal. It took a lot of attention diversion. He LOVES the moon and where that barn is, there is a direct view for him. He loves it so much when we drive up to the barn he starts screaming MOON! September 18th marked the 5th day. Joe Rudy(the horse) decided I was a little too far back on him and he gave me a LOVE nudge forward! HA HA It kind of scared me and I was scared that Wyatt would not get on but he got right on and away we went! 18 minutes we lasted and he loved every minute! Bonnie asked if we could tell anything. I am very sceptical and didn't think anything would happen, much less this soon, but Saturday Wyatt was on his wagon and picked himself up with his arms and pushed himself into a seat with his legs. He has NEVER done that! He also used his legs to rock himself in a little rocking chair. Like I said, it is so soon but he really has never done those things. We are so excited and look forward to riding each day with an anticipation of what is to come that day, that week, this year. Life is full and we enjoy it to the fullest!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ok, I am so new to this it is not funny! I am stumbling through this but will learn more soon. I just want to help anyone on this journey of life with these wonderful kids living every day with spina bifida!