Thursday, December 30, 2010

Night time

Last night as Wyatt and I enjoyed our nightly ritual of rocking together until he falls asleep, I was reminded of times when I had my first child, Bella.  She will be nine in 2 weeks.  I remember laying in bed and watching her all night sometimes. Initially it started from a fear of her stopping breathing.  When she was a baby, we lived far into the woods.  The moonlight would do so much there because it had so many filters with all the trees.  I would watch Bella as the moonlight would come through the window and how it would cast light onto her face.  I remember thinking how amazing it was to be her mother and how beautiful she was even with just moonlight on her face.  Now I find myself holding Wyatt and rocking him at night.  I LOVE this boy's feet!  They are so soft and sweet.  My husband and I both have a habit of massaging and stretching his feet while he sleeps so the paralysis doesn't tighten his feet.  I guess some would say his feet are imperfect from the spina bifida.  I do not! Those are the feet that God blessed us with in so many ways.  I am so thankful for my children and the lessons I learn from them daily.  We are quickly approaching Wyatt and Bella's birthday so I guess that is why I am so sappy! HA I think it is about time for birth stories!

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