Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What happened!

Ok, so my last post appears sort of confusing.  After I had posted my entire thing, somehow the blog fairies deleted most of it. So here is attempt #2.
Brandi, our Mountain Cur, probably gave her life for ours that day.  I apparently came home and interrupted an attempted home invasion.  He tried to enter through our backyard where he then encountered my dogs.  Brandi and Chi-Chi had both been attacked and unfortunately Brandi died in my husband's arms from her wounds.  I was alone with Wyatt and I know in my heart that man would have been in my home when we walked in had Brandi not fought him off.  I am still sometimes in shock about what happened and poor Chi-Chi misses her friend still.  I owe her my life and she will always be a hero to our family.  I would love to say there is a happy ending to this story but we are still waiting on evidence to come from the crime lab to put him in jail.  By the way he was also transferred to a trauma center to repair his FACE!  Let me just say, Brandi left her mark! So hopefully one day a happy ending of justice served.

Bella with Brandi

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