Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Time

Well summer has started and we have been having some HOT days.  This summer we started some new things!  With Wyatt we are becoming more comfortable with cathing.  We are working hard towards wearing big boy undies!  He is also standing a LOT more and Dr. Haber, his ortho surgeon, said he will be walking in no time.  He even increased his therapy to 2-3 times weekly.  We are so happy and he is really loving the therapy time now.  He loves day care and loves his friends there.  Bella made us so proud by showing and riding her horse in her very first 4H show in June.  We were so happy and her team even won first place in judging.  This will be known as our summer of casts!  Wyatt was in one for 8 weeks and on July 5th, Bella was thrown from a horse on her left arm.  She mostly complained of wrist and hand pain so that is what the ER xrayed.  SOOO, 2 weeks later as her elbow is STILL swelling, we take her to her pediatrician and he does an xray that we JUST KNOW is gonna be fine! Yeah right! Fracture to the left elbow! Wow! So it looks like our lives will remain very interesting for a while and not to mention we decided to try to sell our house!  Sometimes I feel like I am watching our life speed by in front of me and I am just holding on for dear life taking the sharp turns as they come!

Is he not the cutest!

Showing me his teeth! Yeah, we're already saving for braces!

VERY rarely is he shy!

Bella is working on sympathy points!

She really is okay!

Love this picture of Wyatt and Pop!

ALL the girls, 3 out of this group are in a cast right now!

Bella and Badger

She is stunning!

All the grandparents

We are so proud of her!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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  1. Awesome...hang on for dear life! That's very true. Love you girl!!!