Friday, September 24, 2010

Goats, Goats, Goats

So last night Wyatt had therapy again.  It is funny how his familiarity with the barn has happened so quickly. Like, he knows before he leaves the barn every night, he will be able to gaze at the moon.  He also knows that he will get to see Bandit, the goat.  He LOVES the goat and Ms. Bonnie had a treat for him last night.  After a great riding session with all there watching, Ms. Bonnie came out into the barn with the goat and some chips.  Wyatt got to feed the goat by himself.  He was in heaven! So was I, watching him, his face light up and respond so well to that goat, made my day!  So another great night at the barn!  Leaving out Wyatt found the moon once again.   He stares at that moon like he could just grab it out of the sky.  I want for Wyatt to know he can, he can reach up into the sky and make his dreams happen.  Nothing is out of reach for him, if we just want it and have faith that God will continue to provide for us like he has so many times before. So son, you keep finding that moon and reach for it! Mommy will be here to help you reach it every step of the way! The Barn of Dreams!

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