Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rough day at therapy

Yesterday at therapy, Jim and Ms. Bonnie got started before I got there.  So apparently Joe Rudy got kicked in the side a couple of weeks ago and is tender on his side which is why he nudged me forward that day.  Well, yesterday the way Ms. Bonnie was holding Wyatt with her arm in RU-RU's flank aggravated that area and he NUDGED again with Wyatt on him.  I think it scared Jim and Ms. Bonnie more than Wyatt and they both grabbed at him really quick and scared him bad!  So we had to start using another horse until Joe Rudy heals.  Wyatt was more upset by not being on him more than anything.  So hopefully we will have better days once we are back to our routine, but until then, we will push on!

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