Monday, September 20, 2010


How pathetic I am! Ha I've had this blog for months and I NEVER post! Life has just taken me down roads that has taken our time so I have been terrible to keep up with this. At the great suggestion of my sister, I am going to give this blog thing another try! Wyatt officially started horse therapy on September 9th, 2010. Funny day because not only is it mine and Jim's 10 year wedding anniversary BUT it was the day 2 years ago that we found out for sure that our precious child would be born with spina bifida. So I am going to catch up for the past two weeks of therapy. Day one- AWEFUL! He rode only 2 minutes and hated every minute of it! Day 2 was Saturday September 11th, he rode for about 10 minutes and he did not scream the whole time. Day 3 was September 14th, he rode for 20 minutes!!! Loved every minute of it and LOVES the barn AND Ms. Bonnie! Doesn't want me when we are there, he wants her, ONLY! September 16th marked day 4 and it was so hot in the barn that we went outside for therapy. He didn't like it outside as much as in the barn but we made it 15 minutes, which was our goal. It took a lot of attention diversion. He LOVES the moon and where that barn is, there is a direct view for him. He loves it so much when we drive up to the barn he starts screaming MOON! September 18th marked the 5th day. Joe Rudy(the horse) decided I was a little too far back on him and he gave me a LOVE nudge forward! HA HA It kind of scared me and I was scared that Wyatt would not get on but he got right on and away we went! 18 minutes we lasted and he loved every minute! Bonnie asked if we could tell anything. I am very sceptical and didn't think anything would happen, much less this soon, but Saturday Wyatt was on his wagon and picked himself up with his arms and pushed himself into a seat with his legs. He has NEVER done that! He also used his legs to rock himself in a little rocking chair. Like I said, it is so soon but he really has never done those things. We are so excited and look forward to riding each day with an anticipation of what is to come that day, that week, this year. Life is full and we enjoy it to the fullest!

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