Monday, October 4, 2010

Crazy Week Last Week!

Ok, so last week was really crazy between fundraising, getting the tshirts done and therapy! So we used another horse again on Thursday and Wyatt really did not feel comfortable again.  He wanted his RU-RU! We made it through though.  So Saturday morning was the Sav-A-Life walk a thon.  We walked in honor of Wyatt and it was a great morning! I am so thankful that my family and I participated.  He is such an inspiration! Our t-shirts were awesome too!  So after walking, we went to the barn for therapy.  We used a RU-RU look-a-like! It worked like a charm! Finally Wyatt was comfortable and back in his rhythm.  We had a great day at the barn and Bella rode really well. She just loves Rocket.  We also got her sign up on Rocket's door.  It was a nice relaxing time out there.  Other highlights of the weekend were that I found Wyatt a picnic table and a play school bus at a garage sale and he was LOVING it!

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