Monday, February 14, 2011

Spina Bifida Clinic

So February 3rd we had our SB clinic.  Wyatt had to have a video urodynamic study done at Baptist Hospital early in the am and then we went tour SB clinic.  Well luckily, Wyatt's kidneys are still good and we are not required to start cathing to keep them healthy.  Darlenia still wants us to consider starting to cath soon so we will be dry by first grade and Jim and I really want him to be so we will probably start soon.  Neuro had only good things to say.  I did ask if it was common for sb kids to have pain in the low back at times because Wyatt will sometimes rub his back like it hurts him.  They said that yes it could and those muscles could be tight and be uncomfortable.  Then ortho came in!  Yep! We need right achilles tendon lengthening.  This will be done February 28th and he will be casted for 6 weeks total.  Dr. Haber will recast every 2 weeks to look for pressure sores.  Amazingly, I am ok with this for the time being.  I am sure when the time comes to give them my baby over, I will not be ok.  We are scared but know that this is a step we need to get him walking.

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