Monday, October 18, 2010

Been a few days!

So it feels like forever that I have gotten on this blog! To say last week was busy would be an understatement! My poor Bella was sick all week long.  A child that is never sick to have to go to the doctor THREE times in one week is a lot!  Happy to say she is much better now.  Wyatt got his new braces and they fit wonderful! Still slip a little but so much better than what he had before.  Of course we got horse straps on them so they are now his RU-RU boots and he even asked to put them on once! Big accomplishment!  So at Methodist Rehab they put them on him and he got in the floor.  What did this kid do? STOOD straight up!!! He was so proud of himself.  He wants to stand so bad and he finally is getting his chance.  I have to say I was fighting back tears as I watched him and even now as I type because I refuse to take even one thing for granted, even getting to stand up at a chair all by himself with his feet lined up like they should be!  Some may say that is not a big deal and maybe to them it is not.  But for ME, a mom whose child was diagnosed with spina bifida at 18 weeks and told he may die, he may be a vegetable and may never move his legs; a child that SO many babies lives are ended before they begin because the diagnosis and unknown are too much to handle, it was a HUGE deal for me and Wyatt.  I can not say enough how brave and strong he is.  Can you imagine trying to stand when you can not even feel that you have legs?  Can you imagine how scary the loss of security of knowing your legs are gonna catch you when you fall?  He looks fear in the eyes daily and I can only aspire to be as brave as he!  I LOVE my kids! We had a great weekend with a work day at the barn.  I will have to thank my parents again for helping me with Wyatt because he could not stay out there but they took him so I could.  Saturday Bella was FINALLY feeling good enough to go out there and had fun!  I will post later about what happened at the barn last night but everthing is fine now.

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