Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a day!

So besides yesterday being therapy, Wyatt's braces have still not been made.  The company is backed up so Darby asked them to put a rush order on them.  We will hopefully get them in the beginning of next week.  Also, Medicaid denied Wyatt's stander!  They said that they needed to know that he was not going to take it to SCHOOL and leave it! SERIOUSLY! He is 21 months old! The girl helping me at the DME replied quickly to the response and sent it back so hopefully they will not take the full 3 days to approve it.  So now that brings us to therapy.  We used the RU-RU stand-in Fury.  She does wonderful but Wyatt was in a terrible mood and whined almost the whole time.  We did get our 15 minutes in but it was rough.  He just seemed like he didn't feel good so now I am just keeping a check on anything funny going on! Hopefully Thursday will be much better!

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