Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy Weekend

So we really had a great weekend with family, Octoberfest was HOT! We did not last long!  It was fun to see Patti, Richie and Riley! She is getting so big and has the sweetest personality! Riding DID NOT go well.  Saturday, Wyatt screamed so bad when we tried to put him on.  He started crying and Ms. Bonnie just couldn't put him on.  We went back out Sunday morning and I had to start riding again but he rode 17 minutes with no crying!  HUGE accomplishment.  So looks like I am back to riding with him for a while but if that is what it takes then I would ride that horse to the end of the earth!  Oh Yeah! Looks like I have acquired another horse! Rabi! Rocket's colt that is 5 years old.  He had pretty much just been thrown away.  No one would work with him or let him out of the stall.  Until this last week, that horse had pretty much been in that stall for several years! SO of course he started tugging at my heart strings, cause I'm a sucker for the underdog!  That is just how we live! Give us the challenge, the ones that are just given up on and we will make him a champion! He is rough around the edges but we are gonna make him free one day, free from that stall, free from his fears! I already love him!

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  1. I just love reading your posts about Wyatt's progress. And I love the pictures. I am praying for Wyatt and his progress with his therapy. It is so interesting to read about. I was totally unaware of the benefits. Wyatt is a special child and he has special parents. Good luck as you work to help him be all he can be!!