Monday, October 18, 2010

Last night

Ok, I have a few minutes so I will update about last night!  SO, we were at the barn for Wyatt's therapy and after we got done with him, Ms. Bonnie was going to let Bella ride since she missed so much last week.  We had Rocket at the saddle rack and in the cross ties.  Bella had put her saddle on and kept having trouble getting her bridle on. The halter had one tie down on and the halter was latched around her neck.  Rocket panicked and started sliding backwards, rared up, fell onto her back legs, flipped over and hit her head all the way down the brick wall.  I was so proud of Bella.  She did not panic, when Rocket started she just dropped back and left her alone and got out of the way.  Well, Rocket has a pretty significant head injury.  She required sutures to her head and also had a small skull fracture.  Luckily, our vet was already on his way out there and when Ms. Bonnie called him he was just a few minutes away.  We stayed with her a while last night and of course Bella did not want to leave her.  She cried at the fact the her horse could be standing in her stall alone and in pain.  She has the sweetest heart.  Ms.  Bonnie checked on her in the night and called Bella first thing this morning and told her that Rocket was sore but eating and doing good.  We are so relieved because I do not know what Bella would do without Rocket.  We think that being tied down and not being able to turn her head and see all of her surroundings is what scared her.  For a horse that is deaf, I guess it can be scary when someone limits the only sense you have left.  So we will be saddling her up in the hallway from now own once she has some time to heal.  Intense night!

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