Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Simple Life

Oh how I wish our life was simple! It seems lately that we are at the peak of chaos daily and I am started to feel like I can not keep up!  I decided several months ago that Wyatt would LOVE the zoo! So I began planning a family trip to the zoo in Memphis.  Even simple things take a lot of planning for us so after months of planning the weekend was finally here!  We left on Friday when I got off work with me, Jim, Wyatt, Bella, my sister, my mom and my dad.  We decided it would have to be a 2 day event, otherwise it would be too much on Wyatt.  I stressed a lot.  I worried he would not like it, he would get too hot or be too cranky.  It was perfect! He loved the animals and it was so fun for us to see the joy in his face.  Joy just like all the other kids!  A day where spina bifida was not in the spotlight.  A day where no one knew that spina bifida existed! It was fun for all of us.  After a long day we arrived home to Wyatt's new stander! YAH!!! I could not wait to put him in it but in my mind had told myself to not get excited, he probably would not like it and take some getting used to.  We took it under the carport and he LOVED it!  He had so much fun in it and we all hooped and hollered like crazy people! He just makes us so proud.  I will post some pictures and will try to post a video of him playing in his new "bicycle".

The zoo was beautiful! So is Bella!

Wyatt loved the sea lion show.

Where did they go?

For some reason wanted this hat so bad!

My bicycle!

My big sister is so proud of me!

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